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Monday, October 24, 2011

Thermal Imaging and Lifewave Patches with horses

LIFEWAVE (more energy, pain relief, immunity, stress reduction, tissue repair and weight loss)

In 2010 Lifewave sponsored a study recently published in the Holistic Veterinary Medical Journal with Thermal Imaging and Lifewave Patches with 38 horses.

We had amazing results with many horses cooling 6 degrees in 10 minutes after the application of the Patches in painful, inflamed areas of their bodies.

This horse had a history of a back injury and the black area represents COLD while the red areas represent heat or inflammation.The cold comes from lack of circulation with possible nerve damage. After applying the Patches above the cold spot on both sides of the paralumbar area, dramatic results were noted in 10 minutes. The inflamed areas cooled, while the cold area warmed. This is an example of the body's effort to re-balance and achieve homeostasis.

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